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our projects

dæduly is an online store created by MBB. 
The dæduly aims to produce handmade designs to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and overall wellbeing.

All products are sustainable and made using natural materials and renewable energy. 

All profits go back to MBB's projects. 

holistically active youth

Our main aim is to support young people's mental health and overall wellbeing using various interactive activities. 


Using holistically interactive activities such as arts, sports, LEGO based therapy and more, we will help to prevent the development of mental health challenges experienced by young people. 

modernised youth community centre

We are working towards opening modernised youth community centres with all related equipment to provide holistically interactive activities across the UK. 

The community centres will be free and provide a safe space for young people to join at any time without any waiting lists. 

mustard, pastel pink and black dots on t

The project is led by Mind, Brain, Body cic (MBB) focusing on supporting youth using holistic approaches collaborating with Rural Mental Health Matters (RMHM) that focuses on tackling mental and physical health inequality in rural areas. 

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