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Holistically Rural Outreach Youth Project

The project is led by Mind, Brain, Body cic (MBB) focusing on supporting youth using holistic approaches collaborating with Rural Mental Health Matters (RMHM) that focuses on tackling mental and physical health inequality in rural areas. 


Holistically Rural Outreach Youth Project (HROYP) is an outreach pilot project, supporting young people (& their families) around the North Dorset. 

The support varies from webinars, workshops, signposts to facilitated sessions such as Lego-Based Therapy, creative arts, sports and introduction to mindfulness techniques. 


Such early interventions can increase the awareness of mental health issues experienced by young people while reducing the stigma around the topic, educate them about the importance of mind and body connection, and help to decrease the risk of further development of mental health illness in later adulthood. 

The project allows young people and their families to realise the importance of coping with challenges and where to seek further support if necessary.


Using holistic approaches for early interventions, allowing young people and their families to continue using them outside the facilitated sessions.

Holistic approaches pay attention to physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as cognitive aspects of learning. 


We aim to create a safe space for young people in rural areas as an early intervention for the maintenance of their mental health and overall well-being through the use of holistic approaches. While creating opportunities for their development in various aspects of their life. 

As stated in the State of Dorset's children's report the pandemic led to more young people needing help with their mental health while stating that more than 10,000 young people were waiting for support from CAMHS. Thus, this project is very important especially for young people living in the rural communities due to the lack of facilities and limited resources to support youth. 

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